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JLM laser cutting machine

Product Brief

JLM3015/4015/6015/4020/6020/6023/6025/8025 fiber laser cutting machine is our unique design on market, no one can copy our design.

Complete plate welding design, 95% cutting fume suction effectively, very envirionment friendly.

Product Description

Product Features

1. independent R &D, manufacturing cutting table special processing technology, high precision, stable and reliable, long service life;

2. the main body of the steel plate welding, transmission structure, on the axis of aluminum cast beams, light weight, fast response, good dynamic performance;

3. under the dual drive shaft precision helical structure on shaft bevel gear transmission, stable and reliable motion;

4. the international first-class quality fiber laser, long history of industrial applications, maintenance easily, stable and reliable;

5, with high response and high precision servo motor;

6,high precision laser cutting head, imported optical lens, focusing on fine, convenient adjustment and perfect cutting;

7, the high response of double loop control high capacitance, low sensitive on the plate, the cutting quality is stable and reliable;

8, the CNC system operation is simple and easy to learn, low requirements for operators; 9, cutting graphics input formats, powerful graphics rendering and editing function;

10, special cutting software, cutting technology experts, data storage call function;

11, proportional valve control gas flow, air flow stability, cutting surface quality;

12, automatic lubrication system, machine running more smoothly, long life; 13. the process of smoke dust experts, like boat exhaust gas system design, the effect is better.