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JLMD Enclosed Laser Cutting Machine

JLMD3015/4020/6020 fiber laser cutting machine is Wuxi Qiaolian of stereotypes products, full automatic loading and unloading, welding machinebody, aluminum casting beam, bevel gear, smooth motion, highorecision; closed loop controlsystem, independent feeding control system; the device consists of a mainmachine, Exchangetable, fiber laser, laser cutting head, CNC feeding table controller, Cooler, power supplyand exhaust cleaner components.

Product Description

Product Features

1. double drive structure, stable and reliable movement

2. Double cutting table, fast exchange speed, loading and unloading conveniently, highly efficiency

3. Machine protected by sheetmetal, safe

4. Independent R & D, manufacturing machinebody special processing technology, high precision, stable and reliable, long service life

5. Cast aluminum beam structure, light weight, fast response, good dynamic performance,

6. Precision gear rack drive reducer, with high precision, high response and high precision servo motor.

7. International first-class quality fiber laser, long history of industrial applications, maintenance easily, stable and reliable

8. High prrecision laser cutting head, imported optical lens, focusing fine, easy to adjust and perfect

9. In response to the double closed loop control high capacitance, low sensitive on the plate, the cutting quality is stable and reliable,

10. Closed loop CNC control system, fast response, high speed, good accuracy:

11. CNC system operation is simple and easy to learn, low requirements for operators,

12. Cutting graphics input multiple formats, powerful drawing and editing graphics capabilities

13. Special cutting software, cutting process experts, data save call function,

14. Proportional valve to control gas flow, air flow stability, cutting surface quality

15. Automatic lubrication system, machinebody running more smoothly, long life

16. Craft dust expert, like boat exhaust gas system design, the effect is better