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JLMT High Power Laser Cutting Machine

PJLMA3015/4015/6015/4020/6020/6023/6025/7023/8023 fiber laser cutting machine is Wuxi Qiaolian stereotypes products, the beautifuloutlin, compact structure, small stand spaceea; under two helical gear drive, shaft bevel gear, high speed and precision; the device consists of a main machine, cutting table, control cabinet, fiber laser, laser cutting CNC system, cooler, air system, conditioner, power supply and exhaust system components

Product Description

Product Features
1. Dual drive design, movements stable and reliable;
2. Ascend and descend exchangeable, exchange speed fast, easily loading the plate;
3. machine coversheet safety design;
4. independent R&D, manufacturing cutting table, special processing technology, high precision, stable and reliable, long service life;
5. Aluminium molded Gantry, light and respond high speed;
6. precisive gear motor reducer with servo drive motor, high speed respond;
7. classic quality laser power, long life and free maintenance;
8. cut head with the imported lens and high energy focus, good cut performance;
9. double feedback capacitor height controller, cut quality reliable;
10. close cnc controller, high speed response;
11. cnc operation easier for the training;
12. professional nesting software;
13. professional cut software, database save and loading;
14.proporational valve control the gas flow, good quality;
15. automatic lubrication system, machine running more smoothlly, long lite;
16. the process of smoke dust experts, like boat exhaust gas system design, the effect is better.