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Common Faults of Plasma Cutting Machine and Their Solutions

Mar. 12, 2020

With the development of the industry, the need for industrialized equipment in the market is also increasing. As a cutting equipment, the plasma cutting machine is also very important in industrial applications, but it is used for too long or is not used properly. The cutting machine may have some faults, how should we deal with it? Today Fast Speed Laser Cutting Machine Manufacturer will give you a brief introduction to common faults and solutions of plasma cutting machines.

1. The backstop does not work. There are two reasons for this situation. One is that the backstop pin hole is not clean. You can take it apart, clean it with kerosene, wipe it clean, and then put it in the tank. The second is the wear of the motor or indirect transmission protrusion, causing the backstop not to work. The backstop should be removed and the protruding part deepened or replaced with a new backstop to return to normal.

2. Turn on the Plasma Cutting Machine torch switch. There is air flow in the nozzle, but neither "high-grade" nor "low-grade" can be cut. There are many reasons for this situation, and I will give you examples of some of them. The cutting method is incorrect. The nozzle and workpiece are placed correctly; the air pressure is less than 0.45Mpa to adjust the pressure of the pressure reducing valve; the electrode nozzle or other parts in the cutting torch are damaged.

Plasma Cutting Machine

Plasma Cutting Machine

3. The cutting thickness cannot reach the rated index. There are many reasons for this. The input compressed air pressure is too low or too high to adjust the air pressure; the gear selected by the cutting thickness is not suitable for switching to high grade; the cutting speed is too fast to slow down the cutting speed; The voltage drop is too large to increase the input capacity.

4. CNC plasma cutting machine can not arc arc CNC plasma cutting machine has been widely used in various fields, so its work efficiency also has a very important role, the effect of work is also a point of concern for many industry personnel, but there are Sometimes the cutting machine cannot arc, the stability of the arc of the plasma cutting machine directly affects the cutting quality. When the plasma arc is unstable, it will lead to defects such as uneven cutting, accumulation of tumors, etc., and it will also reduce the life of related components of the control system. . The arc cutting methods of plasma cutting machines mainly include two methods: high frequency arc starting and high voltage arc starting. Generally, domestic domestic plasma cutting machines use high frequency arc starting. Basically, plasma numerical control cutting machines use mostly manual power cutting. It is a contact cutting, that is, the cutting torch cutting nozzle is close to the workpiece to initiate arc cutting.

The lack of arc may be because the cutting speed is too slow, the verticality of the cutting torch and the workpiece during cutting, and the operator's familiarity with the plasma cutting machine, the level of operation, etc., all affect the stability of the plasma arc. In this case, you can check the line first. If the check line is OK, first disassemble the machine. When the power is turned on, press the switch to see if the machine is out of gas. If not, check whether the control line is broken. If there is gas, check the high frequency. If there is no high frequency voltage, check the high frequency circuit. If there is high frequency voltage, check whether the spark is strong. If it is weak, replace the capacitor. If it is strong, check the output high frequency induction coil. Once the problems are solved, there will be no problem.

The above are the common faults of plasma cutting machine and their solutions by Gantry Laser Cutting Machine supplier. I hope it will be helpful to everyone.