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Method For Improving Cutting Rate Of Gantry Cnc Plasma Cutting Machine Plate

Jan. 16, 2020

Cutting machine applications currently have metal and non-metal industries, in general, non-metal industries are more detailed, such as stone cutting machines for cutting stone, water cutting machines, sawtooth cutting machines, cutting cloth and plastic, cutting metal There are flame cutters and plasma cutters. In the current society, most of the flame and plasma cutting machines use gantry structure. The gantry CNC plasma cutting machine replaces manual cutting and profiling cutting with its high speed and high efficiency. Quite often, this has reduced the generation costs of many companies and improved work efficiency. The following Plasma Cutting Machine Manufacturer introduces the method to improve the cutting rate of gantry CNC plasma cutting machine sheet.

Gantry laser cutting machine refers to a CNC cutting machine with tracks on both sides and a drive motor (two-sided drive) on both sides. This CNC cutting machine adopts bilateral drive, so its operation is more stable. It can be used for blanking steel plates of various special-shaped carbon steel, manganese steel and other metal materials.

Advantages of Gantry Laser Cutting Machine:

1.The cutting machine frame is annealed at high temperature, and the overall processing is not deformed;

2. Bilateral driving, stable operation and high work efficiency;

3.Plasma and flame dual-purpose CNC cutting system, easy to operate;

4. Precision helical rack and pinion transmission, accuracy class 7;

5. Automatic compensation for cutting seams, continuous cutting after power failure, automatic memory of breakpoints, arbitrary positioning cutting;

6. The cutting speed can be adjusted at any time during the operation to meet the processing requirements;

7. Imported guide rail, high precision, wear resistance, long service life.

Gantry Laser Cutting Machine

Gantry Laser Cutting Machine

Method for improving cutting rate of gantry CNC plasma cutting plate:

1. Increase raw material usage

Gantry CNC cutting machine can complete the trajectory cutting and walking of raw materials, but it is not intelligent enough to automatically optimize the trajectory of raw material cutting. This needs to be completed with the related nesting software. You need to purchase nesting software for cutting and cutting. Especially when the processing material is single and the cutting shape is fixed, you can do simple picture arrangement during CAD drawing to maximize the material usage and reduce processing costs.

2. Simplify the secondary processing steps.

In general, the cutting accuracy of CNC cutting is relatively stable. When considering purchasing CNC cutting equipment, companies must first select the appropriate model according to their own needs. Good cutting quality requires not only good machine tools but also well-trained operations. work. Skilled operators can cut more workpieces, get higher cutting quality, less waste and secondary processing costs.

3. Reasonably plan operating time

Any mechanical equipment should not be used frequently, especially in the CNC plasma cutting machine. Repeated switching of the machine not only reduces the work efficiency, but also has equipment loss. Enterprises should reasonably plan the equipment usage time, try to complete the cutting tasks in one batch and in large quantities, and minimize the downtime caused by maintenance.

4. Supporting materials and facilities

As an auxiliary infrastructure of the gantry CNC cutting machine, we recommend that the enterprise provide several material transportation facilities to shorten the cutting gap. For example, users can set multiple cutting platforms and bridge cranes at the processing site. In this way, the time for manual loading and unloading can be reduced, and the operator can concentrate on the cutting work.

The above is the method introduced by the Stable Laser Cutting Machine Supplier to improve the cutting rate of the gantry CNC plasma cutting machine. We hope to help you.