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What Factors Affect The Accuracy Of Laser Cutting Machine?

Dec. 19, 2019

Cutting accuracy is the first factor to judge the quality of laser cutting machine. Next, the Stable Laser Cutting Machine Supplier will explain to you the four major factors that affect the cutting accuracy of laser cutting machines.

1. Laser condensing size of the laser generator: If the spot is very small after focusing, the cutting accuracy is very high, and if the gap after cutting is also very small. It means that the precision of the laser cutting machine is very high, and the quality is very high. However, the beam emitted by the laser is tapered, so the slit cut out is also tapered. Under these conditions, the greater the thickness of the workpiece, the lower the accuracy, and therefore the larger the slit.

2. Precision of worktable: If the precision of worktable is very high, the precision of cutting will be improved accordingly. Therefore, the accuracy of the workbench is also a very important factor in measuring the accuracy of the laser generator.

3. The laser beam condenses into a cone: When cutting, the laser beam is tapered downward. At this time, if the thickness of the workpiece to be cut is very large, the cutting accuracy will be reduced, and the gap will be very large.

4. Different cutting materials: It will also affect the accuracy of the laser cutting machine. Under the same conditions, the accuracy of cutting stainless steel and aluminum will be very different, the cutting accuracy of stainless steel will be higher, and the cut surface will be smoother.

Enclosed Laser Cutting Machine

Enclosed Laser Cutting Machine

Laser cutting machine is an important equipment for sheet metal processing. For example, the correct use of laser cutting machine such as Enclosed Laser Cutting Machine is also an important prerequisite to improve its service life. Therefore, after purchasing the machine, we must master the standard and standardized machine operation process and method, so as to reduce the failure rate and increase the service life. The manufacturer of Gantry Laser Cutting Machine will share with you the standard operating procedure of laser cutting machine. I hope everyone pays attention in the process of using laser cutting machine.

First, strictly follow the rules, follow the principles of power on, power off, etc. Do not force the power off or on;

Secondly, employees are not allowed to operate the machine without training, and only after complete training can they operate on the machine;

Third, during the work of the laser cutting machine, outsiders must not approach the operation table and console, and the core operation must be completed by professional personnel;

Fourth, mediate the machine's optical path and mediate the cutting head under the follow-up method, forcing accurate control procedures to be followed to ensure human and machine safety.

Fifth, every time you turn on the machine, you must go back to the reference point, check and handle the focusing lens, calibrate the coaxiality of the beam nozzle, open the cutting auxiliary gas, and the pressure in the bottle should not be lower than 1Mpa;

Sixth, check the external light path protection gas, cold road cabinet, cooling river road, air compressor, cold dryer, and drain the filter water once a week.

The above are the precautions for the correct use of laser cutting machine, I hope to help everyone.