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Wuxi Qiaolian CNC Welding&Cutting Machine Co., Ltd. is a professional CNC machine manufacturer.

Sep. 25, 2019

Wuxi Qiaolian CNC Welding&Cutting Machine Co.,Ltd is a professional CNC machine manufacturer, especially for the development of various customized models. In July We have  developed a new model--- Gantry Laser Cutting Machine. In China, less than 3 factories have experience of making such special laser machine.

This model can be extended according to the length of the plate. Like 9000*2300mm, 12000mm*2000mm, 14000*2500mm...etc such special size.

If you need a machine size no one can make it for you, please contact us, Our core advantage in this field is big machine table design experience.

Main technical parameter:

cutting width(mm)2500300035004000450050005500
track span(mm)3500/40004000/45004500/50005000/55005500/60006000/65006500/7000
track length(mm)customization+3000
track specifications(kg/m)50
CNC controllercypcut
cutting speed(mm/min)0-24000
rapid speed(mm/min)0-60000
ascending speed(mm/min)0-20000
descending speed(mm/min)0-15000
Maximum cutting thickness(mm)35