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Precise CNC Small Hole Plasma

① gas source control panel 
Gas from the gas valve and pressure gauge, air pressure machine glance 
② CNC system 
Shanghai Jiaotong University, USA Haibao, USA BURNY10, Australia FastCNC, Canada Profiler to choose from a variety of CNC system 
③ longitudinal rails 
Using heavy rail from finishing U71Mn 
④ CNC torch 
According to customer demand single assembly CNC flame cutting torch, cutting torch dash duster, red playing devices, plasma machine torch or straight three torch. Automatic adjusting device can also be fitted. 
⑤ automatic ignition device 
Low-voltage AC24V power supply, safe, reliable, high success rate 
⑥ transverse slippers 
Trachea for CNC torch cable transmission, the ability to work with continuous fatigue. 
⑦ strip transmission mechanism 
Driven through a steel plate complete synchronization with the driving carriage movement.

Product Description