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Pipe Laser Cutting Machine, Custom Tube Laser Cutting Machine

What is Pipe Laser Cutting and how to perform Tube Laser Cutting?

Pipe laser cutting is mainly used to cut various hollow round pipe materials of non-metallic solid materials, such as plastic pipes, PVC pipes, PVB pipes and other industrial and civil materials. This kind of pipe is generally used in home improvement, industry, and water conservancy construction. This kind of laser machine adopts CO2 metal laser tube, and the power consumption is about 100W-500W. It is the preferred processing machine for small and medium enterprises.

Features of Pipe Laser Cutting Machine

The design of the industrial master machine tool ensures the high speed and stability of the laser cutting process. It is equipped with fiber lasers of different powers, which can cut and perforate various metals and materials at high speed and precision. With the follow-up dynamic focusing device, during the cutting process It can always maintain the same cutting quality, which is a cost-effective large-format laser cutting machine.

Tube Laser Cutting Machine application range

Suitable for high-precision cutting of various non-metallic solid materials.

Technical parameters of Pipe Laser Cutting Machine

Laser: Fiber laser

Laser power: 10W—1000W optional

Optical path form: optical fiber transmission method

Cutting width: 1300mm×2500mm

Transmission mode: Servo ball screw drive

Focusing method: Following autofocus system

Positioning accuracy: 0.05mm

Control mode: offline motion control

Support graphic formats: PLT, DXF, BMP, AI

Control software: genuine Jinyun cutting software